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SunShrink® shrink Bag

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SunShrinkTM PVdC shrink bages
SunShrink® is the trade name for all Sunrise's shrink bags.
Vacuum shrink packaging provides unique protections to the protein products and demonstrates an excellent package presentation. SunShrink® shrink bags possess excellent shrink and optical properties. It also has balanced performance property of oxygen and moisture barrier, heat seal strength, mechanical strength and abuse resistance.
SunShrink® products are mainly used in packaging of fresh meats, processed meats, fish, cheese, and poultries for frozen and refrigiration applications. Sunrise offers the following shrink bag products:  
DF - for frozen meat applications
DB - for non frozen fresh meat applications
HS - for temperature sensitive meat applications
EH - EVOH shrink bags for cook-in applications
Typical application  

◆Fresh meats

◆Processed meats


◆Processed fish



  SunShrinkTM PVdC shrink bages               SunShrinkTM PVdC shrink bages


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